Since 1933


Once Hasmukh & Co. (P.G) Tea is on Your Shelves, we Guarantee you will Want it for the Rest of Your Life. Blessed by the sun, rain and fresh air, now with defintive health properties coming to light, tea reinforces the wisdom of the sages - Nature knows best.

With a legacy of 84 years of experience, expertise and deliberate pursuit of quality, Hasmukh & Co. (P.G) stands tall as one of the best tea estate in India. Adjudged as one of the finest teas from the world year after year, Hasmukh & Co. (P.G) has left no stone unturned in honing its art to undoubtedly maintain an impeccable standard in Tea manufacturing.

The ability to produce superior teas even during the lean periods of tea production when compared to the others is what has earned us our brand name and more importantly, the trust of all our local and international customers who are always assured of the quality produced at Hasmukh & Co. (P.G) where the highest standards of hygiene and international food and safety protocols are followed.

Hasmukh & Co. (P.G) as a corporate philosophy, was already following this stringent cleaning process since 1933, but the state-of-the-art unit, sophisticated machinery to separate impurities on a much larger scale. Hasmukh & Co. (P.G) Tea cleaning unit is one-of-it's kind, having the capacity of cleaning, blending & packaging Tea. This has given Hasmukh & Co. (P.G) a cutting edge in the tea industry, both in domestic and global market ensuring Purity in its TEA.