Nilgiri Tea


Called the “fragrant one”, this tea is full of flavor – strong, but smooth and well-balanced.

Nilgiris literally mean the Blue Mountains and blue they are, striding across a land lush with vegetation and teeming with wildlife and the source of numerous streams and rivers. The Nilgiris are one of the most spectacular ranges in South India and the world famous hill resort Ooatacamund (lovingly called Ooty) is situated in these hills. Against this idyllic background, the famous NIGIRI Tea is grown.

NILGIRI TEA is grown at an elevation ranging from 1000 metres to above 2500 meters. The combination of fine fragrance and drink liquor make NILGIRI a truly unique tea found nowhere else in world. NIGIRI tea is a blender’s dream for its unique combination of fragrance, briskness, flavour and strength. Come, savor the fragrant magic conjured by Nature – take a sip of NILGIRI TEA.

What Are the Health Benefits of Nilgiri Tea?

Lose Weight With Nilgiri Tea

With the right amount of caffeine, this low-calorie beverage helps you to lose weight. The antioxidants present in the tea not only contributes to weight loss management, but also helps in boosting metabolism and in burning the fats of the body.

It Reduces LDL Cholesterol And The Risk Of Heart Attacks

Nilgiri tea is a rich source of flavonoids and so it helps in maintaining the blood sugar levels. Being a good source of potent antioxidants, it also helps in disabling free radicals and improving the cardio health. What’s more, Nilgiri tea fights inflammation and protects from various diseases including arthritis, heart disease and diabetes. Drinking Nilgiri tea can decrease the risk of heart stroke and attack.

It Fights Diabetes

Since Nilgiri tea is a Black tea, it consist of effective polysaccharides, a type of carbohydrates which aids in slowing down blood sugar absorption  – a major advantage to people who are battling with diabetes. According to one of the latest research, it has been discovered that countries like Great Britain and Ireland that drink black tea the most have the lowest occurrence of type 2 diabetes.

Bust Your Stress With Nilgiri Tea

A stress buster, Nilgiri tea has the ability to lower the stress hormone cortisol in the body. It accentuates the process of recovering from stress when consumed in moderate quantity on a regular basis.

Increases Your Immune System

Since Nilgiri tea has alkylamine antigens, it helps in boosting our immune system. Besides, it also contains tannins which helps in fighting viruses – thereby  keeping us protected from common viruses in everyday life such as stomach flu, common cold and influenza.

Takes Care Of Your Oral Health

Black tea such as Nilgiri tea not only reduces plaque formation but also restricts bacteria growth that promotes tooth decay and cavities. Polyphenols present in it surpasses and kills cavity-causing bacteria. What’s more, it also restricts the growth of bacterias that forms plaque in the teeth.

It Controls Ageing and Makes you Look Young

Are you worried of ageing? Do you hate wrinkles? Is losing skin elasticity one of your biggest nightmare? Then switch from normal tea to Nilgiri tea or any other black tea because the antioxidants present in this tea can make your skin look younger and better.

It Increases Your Bone Density

With age, our bones become thinner and weaker. It loses mass and tends to become fragile. However, studies says that people who consume Black tea (Nilgiri tea is a black tea) regularly have strong bone strength and Bone Mineral Density – BMD.